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iOS Development

Keeping an eye on new releases of iOS, we are always equipped and ready to help you create dynamic, fast-performing, and flawless software powered by iOS.

We have a proven set of iOS-focused development tools, frameworks, and practices on hand, which ensure cohesion and manageability of the implementation process— from requirements gathering to release and taking the app through the Apple review and publication routine all the way to maintenance and support of the released titles. Besides, the team provides mobile apps porting from/to Android OS.

Powering high-end devices, iOS is blazing a speedy path in taking the mobile market and already demonstrates higher monetization capabilities for developers providing more targeted user engagement options than its rivaling platforms.

Hybrid Apps

The rise of HTML5/JavaScript-based frameworks that are extensively used for SPA development enabling native, app-like interaction with the app and real-time web functionality entailed a major technological change.

SPAs provide for a better performance and can handle load distribution more efficiently through dynamic data load from the server-side API and connection with RESTful web services. Built with AngularJS, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB, applied as a fullstack technology (MEAN) or used in a combination with ASP.NET, Java and PHP components, SPAs gradually replace Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) based on plug-ins whose days are numbered.

Applying dynamic HTML5, CSS, JSON or using the optimized AngularJS, Ember.js, Backbone.js or React, our experts will build single-page applications with a fresh look & feel and smooth UX.


An advanced framework, Xamarin has won the hearts and minds of our hard-core Mobile Development team who fully understand the ins and outs of building quality apps for each of major mobile operating systems.

Whether Xamarin is the new universal soldier in the cross-platform development camp is a tricky question. There is no unanimous answer to this question and we weigh multiple factors to provide a competent piece of advice. Rest assured your business need and tech vision will be given a deep expert consideration before we suggest an approach to its implementation so that all benefits of Xamarin development play into your hands. Complemented with our flexible engagement models, Xamarin based mobile implementation with SearchPlus is set for success.


Android Development

We’ve been on the Android wagon right from the launch of version 1.0. Since then we’ve been involved in projects employing every operating system's version and API level.

Beyond just looking sleek and engaging, Android applications that we create bring efficiency, interactivity, creativity and a host of powerful features that meet the target audience’s needs.


Creating Apps with Material Design Principles in Mind

As the Android technology continues to thrive, so does our subject-matter design and development expertise. Elaborated to bring a new spin on digital user experience, the material design principles have been the cornerstone of every mobile development initiative our team is involved with to secure a more scalable and unified UX across disparate devices.