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From custom servers to mobile apps, SearchPlus offers a variety of IT solutions that fits your business.

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Software Development

From the very moment you wake up, to the time you go to bed you are interacting with software at an alarming rate whether you realize it or not. Software can aid you in developing ideas through exploration and that is what strives us to do what we do, real, human based ideas.

Custom Software Development

We offer well-managed and transparent processes to convert your custom app idea or hardware design from a concept on paper to a marketable product. We know how to balance between cost, time and quality with the help of advanced delivery control system, intense communication and thorough business analysis.

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Apps and Data Integration

We offer extensive software architecture engineering expertise and a wide array of advanced instruments to help you bridge the technology divide between your systems on platforms or processing heterogeneous data. SearchPlus Enterprise Web Development team offers custom development of powerful integration solutions with online services and solutions, payment gateways, mobile solutions, corporate IT-ecosystem and data warehouses.

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UI and Front-end Development

SearchPlus experts know user behavior in and out and are ready to help you match user expectations with the technical capabilities of frameworks and devices you are working on. Applying the domain knowledge, deep-rooted skills with low-level programming and hardware design, SearchPlus makes a unique offering for all clients seeking UI and front-end development services: from mobile and web to visual interfaces for devices.

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Backend Development

Development of a powerful backend capable of processing large amounts of heterogeneous data is a crucial part of any software development project. Provided as a separate service, as part of a full-stack development project, or demanded for re-engineering a legacy corporate system being in continuous use, it requires expert programming and testing skills. Explore our capabilities in backend development for various solution types.

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Bring your idea to life

SearchPlus develops custom software and hardware solutions for startups, small businesses, medium enterprises irrespective of their industry.

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Cloud Services

Have you ever uploaded a picture on instagram or watched a movie on Netflix? All of that fun isn’t possible without Cloud services, in short any online solution requiresCloud services.

Cloud Hosting

4x faster than regular web hosting, with our cloud hosting services your website content is managed more efficiently, enabling dynamic content requests to be processed lightening-fast

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Cloud Streaming

Whether you want to live stream an event or launch your own streaming service, we can help you with cost effective solutions, yet faster and more secure than the competitors in the industry

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Cloud Based Applications

When it comes to cloud base applications, we understand how important is the loading times, that is why we make sure your cloud runs at optimum speed and reliability

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Application Development

Keeping an eye on new releases of iOS and Android, we are always equipped and ready to help you create dynamic, fast-performing, and flawless apps.

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From iPhone to Apple Watch

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All Android Based Devices

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SearchPlus offers application support and maintenance services to ensure your mission-critical software demonstrates secure, fault-free operation and fast performance. We help CIOs boost agility and simplify support of software assets, while allowing for continuous improvement and consistency of UX drawing on usability, usage efficiency, and overall business productivity.

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